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  1. Dang.. I know it does n’t say how to tie it but it shows all the ways you could!
    Dang.. mean up in here.. Love it 😀

  2. Ann Michaels,
    Before you start criticising the blogger for a lame post, please go get your eyes checked. There’s a link below the pictures that brings you to the actual website that teaches you how to tie the scarfs.

  3. Ann Michaels, you are an IDIOTA (that is spanish) I think that is IDIOT in english, right? Good bless you and help you ;-D

  4. Awesome bloggie! be sure to check the lil link a the bottom for directions 🙂 … And Anne dear, Most of the world actually does NOT speak english.

  5. I almost *never* bother commenting on most things, but I have to say, Ms. Michaels, you are incredibly rude, and I hope you feel like a total dingus for making an ass out of yourself. Good day.

    • Abby, come on.. I know you had a nice intention, but that is not spanish. That’s portuguese, it looks a little like spanish, but… come on, you guys ( from the US ) ALWAYS say that… Get your languages together. (:
      p.s. – I know that because that’s what I speak every single day since I was born so… Believe me 😀

  6. You see that link down there? The one you had to pass to comment whining and complaining that it didn’t teach you anything? Yeah, that’s the link that takes you to the site with the tutorials.

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