Help unblock Fashion Worship

For unknown reasons Pinterest decided to block our blog.
If you like Fashion Worship, could you please tell Pinterest to unblock us?
It won’t take you more than 5 minutes.

Visit this link – and tell Pinterest that both and have been mistakenly blocked and they should unblock the websites.

Under Help us categorize the issue choose Businesses & Websites -> Websites -> Blocked Site as explained here.

Thank you, you’re the best! We really appreciate your help.

Go to - online shopping to search for women apparel you want to buy.
Go back to Fashion Worship - Home page to see more fashion designs.

9 thoughts on “Help unblock Fashion Worship

  1. Done!! I got an email back from pinterest asking for more information. I provided it, and hopefully that will help. Good luck! I love the outfits you put together.


  2. I’ve found that all the links to your blog posted on Pinterest have .com and your correct web address is .net. Maybe that is the problem. Not sure though

  3. I was looking at gifts for my wife through Pinterest. When I clicked on your picture, my work laptop flagged your site and said it possibly contained nudity or inappropriate material. Obviously it doesn’t, but it was flagged for some reason by out security software, which may be why Pinterest has blocked it.

  4. i too am an advit fan of both your site and pinterest . Heck my whole board on Pinterest My Style is basically your outfits !!! Anyway i was wondering what happened to you guys . I went into my board and clicked on one of the pictures to obviously take me here to your site and it does say that you are blocked . The other night when i did it , it came straight to your website . Maybe someone complained that they couldnt find a link , you know you post something , you click on it and it is meant to take you to that page but the image / item might be old etc and removed from your site but not from Pinterest ???? I dunno !!!! I emailed them also .. Just suggesting !!! xxx hope it all works out and we get you back !!!!

  5. I went to Pinterest and sent a request to unblock Fashion Worship… I do LOVE THIS SITE however I wish there were links to actually find the clothes that are posted.

    Thank you for all the creative fashion ideas

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